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    19 Apr 2012 

    The ipad and ipad 2 are the two tablets which have astonished not only me but
    many lovers of the Apple products.,thinnest
    iphone case

    The Apple gadgets are totally different from the devices of any other
    company. The devices are truly remarkable and unique. This company have never
    given many handsets to the market but whateve4r it has added was a classic
    collection. The users of Apple gadgets can truly tell you what it is like being
    a user of the Apple products. Without touching it by your hand or feeling its
    every cut and experiencing every small and high end application, you wont ever
    get to know what Apple is all about.

    Iphone 4 was the last handset from this company but now it is preparing
    itself to launch the new iphone 5 who's date of release is unknown and we can
    just get the rumor specifications about it. After the fire in the Foxconn plant,
    it wont be possible for the company to give the fifth generation phone in the

    The ipad was the first one of the tablets which create a havoc in the market
    as it was the first of its genre which was captivated with the top class
    technology. But as the competition increased, the company was forced to unleash
    the most outstanding technology in the market in the name of iPad 2 which is the
    marvelous creation of this genre. The company has made it possible for every
    user to acknowledge the high end technology with ease.

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    10 Apr 2012 
    Apple is off to another gangbuster year, if the latest projections from J.P. Morgan are on target.

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    05 Apr 2012 
    Celebrate the launch of Angry Birds Space with a new iPad Angry Birds cover | Mobile Fun Blog

    Angry Birds Space has hit the app stores for a number of handsets today and I'll admit I'm already a little addicted.

    I'm a massive Angry Birds fan anyway having played (and completed) all the games they've bought out for iPhone; plus I've got an Angry Birds iPhone cover too.

    Angry Birds Space creators, Rovio have said that the game's: 'a completely new game with innovative new gameplay, but with some of the familiar Angry Birds elements that fans already know and love‘.

    I'm really liking the impact gravity has in the game and the hidden extra Space Invaders style levels – definitely a great added feature to the game.

    To celebrate the release of Angry Birds Space we've sourced a brand new Angry Birds iPad 3 cover.

    Gear 4 iPad 3 Angry Birds Executive Cover

    The Gear4 Angry Birds iPad 3 Executive cover is the latest iPad 3 cover to feature those Angry Angry Birds. Made from a durable and lightweight leather material the cover is hard-wearing and protects your new iPad from day to day bumps,drops, scrapes and scratches.

    Perfect for both business and social thanks to its sleek design, this iPad 3 case allows you to show your allegiance to Angry Birds in a discreet way. This is due to the small Red Bird character features on the bottom corner of the case.

    The front cover of this iPad case doubles up as a handy stand for your new iPad so that you can stream media, type and swipe at the most comfortable angle. The interior of the front cover sports a soft microfibre material, so when the cover is closed your screen is fully protected and cushioned from any shocks. This means it remains looking newer for longer.

    As expected this case allows you full access to all the ports and features of your iPad so that it remains fully functioning at all times. This is definitely the perfect iPad cover for Angry Birds fans and professionals alike.

    Have you tried out Angry Birds Space yet? What are your thought? Let us know through the usual channels

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