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    22 May 2012 

    There are lots of photo and video editing applications on the market, such as Mattebox, Blux Movie, Slow Shutter Cam and 645 PRO, and so on. As an iOS devices’ user, you can edit your videos or photos to make them more perfect. But you will find that they have a common point. The common point is that you need to spend some money in downloading them.

    If you want to edit your video on your iPhone but you are unwilling to purchase a video editor,, please go on reading this page. You will find your satisfying video editing app in the following paragraphs.

    Now I share a free video editing application with you.

    Sand Mountain Studios launched Slopro on April 26,iphone screen protector anti glare, 2012. It is a free video editing application that can help you edit your video on iOS devices as you want and especially record video at 60 FPS for iPhone 4S.

    If you are interested in this Slopro app, please free download it from iTunes Store right now. Its screenshot as follows:


    Well, if there aren’t enough frames in a video, it will look choppy when you slow it down. Now with the iPhone 4S and this Slopro app, you can record 60 FPS video. The recorded video still looks nice and smooth in the slow motion.

    The basic features of Slopro:

    • Only record/capture video at 60 FPS for iPhone 4S.

    • Record and edit 30 FPS slow motion videos for other iOS devices.

    • Allow users to change the playback speed with three options – slow, slower, slowest.

    • Upload your recorded video to YouTube or Share them on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4,new ipad accessories, iPad 2 and the new iPad that are iOS 5.0 or above.


    If you don’t think the basic functions can meet your demand, please upgrade the free Slopro to Pro version. The Pro has some extra functions like saving video to camera roll, emailing video, removing watermark, and exporting raw video at 60 FPS to iTunes, etc. However, it will take you $1.99 to buy.

    It is worth mentioning that the Slopro for iPhone 4S can not only shoot 60 FPS videos for iPhone 4S users, but also it has a simple slow motion generation tool. That’s to say, users can directly apply this slow motion generation tool to make the slow motion effect after shooting video with the Slopro app.

    Below is a demo video for using Slopro to shoot, edit and share video at 60 FPS:


    This free Slopro app are popular and it is highly praised because of its clean interface, powerful function and perfect effect, etc. If you have your own Slopro app review, please leave it in the following comment form.

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    09 May 2012 

    Apple’s latest senior vice president of retail, has started his gig at the company — and John Browett has a stock compensation package designed to keep him there

    According to a new SEC filing today, first spotted by Macrumors, Browett officially started last Friday. As part of his welcome package,unique iphone 4 cases, Browett picked up 100,000 shares of restricted company stock. The first of the bunch are 5,000 that vest on October 20, with another 15,cute ipad cases,000 units vesting next April to coincide with the one-year anniversary of his start date. After that, the rest of the shares vest on an annual basis, at 20,000 units per year, according to the form.

    Were Browett to cash them all in today — which he can’t — the package would be worth about $61 million at Apple’s closing price today of $610.

    While Browett may have officially started with the company just last week, he was spotted doing some Apple-related work last month. During the
    iPad’s launch in March, for instance, CNET ran into Browett walking by the line of shoppers while speaking to Steve Cano, Apple’s manager of retail stores.

    Browett’s compensation package is similar to that of CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives, with an aim towrd keeping them in place over the long haul. Cook’s, of course, is larger in dollar term and in scope. After taking the helm as CEO, Apple’s board awarded Cook 1 million restricted stock units on top of his existing salary, half of which vests in 2016, with the other half in 2021.

    Browett joined Apple from European technology retailer Dixons. He replaced Ron Johnson,i-helicopter with camera, who last year left Apple to become the CEO of retailer J.C. Penney.

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